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Does your own business include freelancing or contracting?  Are you self-employed?  If so, unless you are one, you need a focussed Chartered Accountant, or maybe even if you are.

Details, details, details.  They drive you crazy, but at the same time are very necessary to your financial health and growth.

Often not available at all, the close attention I offer is never available at some cheap price.  And you would not be happy if it were.  You pay me to protect your interests, not merely to do the compliance work; you can buy that anywhere for buttons.  The upside is that I know your business inside out.  I see all the details, directly and can offer valuable insight and connect that to your aspirations – even if these are yet to be invented or defined.

If you want a sausage machine approach, there are service providers out there offering their wares, many of them perfectly good to that point.  Some of them are large, successful businesses in their own right.  However, if you want to deal directly with one person, who does his own work, that’s me Anthony Mellor. Available 24/7 when I pick up. No teams, no departments. Just me.

By the way, those details.  They show us who you are and what you want without you having to try to explain.  I never judge.  My role is to guide, to mentor, to support and to be here when you need.  That’s my unqique offer, should I choose to accept you.

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