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Lifestyle Accounting

At Mellor & Co., I specialize in what I call “Lifestyle Accounting.” It’s a unique approach to accounting that differs significantly from standard accounting, with personalized goals, methods, and immediate results. This is my most popular program, and it’s particularly well-suited to freelancers and entrepreneurs.

With Lifestyle Accounting, my focus is on two primary goals: reducing the accounting effort required and maximizing the best possible lifestyle for my clients. To achieve this, I developed a proprietary tool called the Factual Lifestyle Accounting Engine (FLAE), which is the work of experienced finance professionals. The result is a system that will produce useful, actionable information that goes beyond managing accounts to help you achieve the lifestyle you desire.

To get started, I conduct a lifestyle needs analysis, where we discuss in detail the way you live, your understanding of your current finances, your work, your contract(s), your desires, and how you manage them day-to-day. Then, we take your existing records and data from the needs analysis and feed it into our Factual Lifestyle System Accounting  (FLEA).

FLEa produces a unique system that relies not on accounting codes, but on actual life data as you understand it. It helps manage this data to provide two primary outcomes: regulated reporting such as VAT, tax returns, etc., and lifestyle reporting, such as can I go on holiday? What if I buy a car next week? Can I buy a new house? Finally, FLAE helps you answer those most important questions: “What if…” and “How much do I have, right now, in my pocket and ready to spend?”

In addition to accounting services, I offer a range of other business services that help with day-to-day operations, personal finance strategy and management, day-to-day administration, local and international business including tax strategy, and more. I believe that your personal finances are just as important as your business finances, and they both must be in balance. Ultimately, I show you how to do more with a great deal less effort.

Finally, I offer additional technology services and consulting areas, such as practical and best uses for the internet, backup systems, physical post to email, daily Royal Mail post review, correspondence tracking and advisory, telephone and fax management, voicemail and reception matters, paperless office, and virtual presence tips to improve your lifestyle.

If you’re interested in learning more about my unique approach to accounting or if you’d like me to contact you, please refer to the Contact Us page.

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