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Mellor & Co. combines accounting, finance and management with the leading edge techniques needed to drive successful business.  As a Chartered Accountant I:

I am qualified to work anywhere in an organisation, not just in finance. In addition to strong accounting fundamentals, I have strategic business and management skills.

It is no accident that 60 % of small businesses still use spreadsheets to manage their operations.  Sometimes one aspect of the company is high volume and needs formal software to manage it. The rest does not.  Spreadsheets are the tool of choice for small business owners and entrepreneurs, because of their flexibility and ability to change in real time, which means right now.

I, Anthony Mellor, principal and founder of Mellor & Co., have been writing powerful spreadsheets since I was in my twenties – from 1984 to be exact, just 4 years after the PC was invented.  These days with the likes of “pivot” tables we no longer not need restrictive slow to develop databases for sophisticated real-time reporting.  A quick free review will make a believer of any sceptic. Of course “error prone” and all that needs to be debunked, no problem there. Spreadsheets existed long before computers, and these were not “error prone”, so there is no need for computer versions to be, when in the right hands, using pre computer era techniques.

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