A profession is a vocation founded upon several years of specialised educational training, the purpose of which is to supply disinterested counsel and service to others, for a direct and definite compensation, wholly apart from expectation of another business gain. Such services can be supplied internally or externally to the business.

An Exciting Life by design.

Anthony Mellor

We live in a new age, one of concepts and ideas where there is an abundance of physical goods. People are free in ways never before dreamed possible.

“Being comfortable is not the same as being happy, or better, content.”
“Surviving is not the same as living.”
“If what you are doing is not working as you might wish, then do it differently. Change something. Even everything. Dream a bit, or a lot.”

Wondering how? Take some steps with me. The more we step outside our comfort zone, the larger our universe or world becomes. You know that little bit of fear? That is known as a challenge. If we are not challenged we are bored. What kind of a life is it without any excitment? No challenge.

Accounting for your Lifestyle can be an experience in itself. It can change your way of life and at the very least give you my different take on things. What if you could live the lifestyle of which you have been dreaming or indeed just dreamt up? You can do what it takes. Mostly it involves doing what you already know you should, but don’t. I can coach you along that path. Some would call this coaching, others mentoring. The difference is whether I am speaking from experience or not, in any given scenario.

Mellor & Co, which means me and any resources I haul in to help, offer a responsive (24/7 sometimes) and personal (meaning just me, no teams of unbriefed strangers) service, with a natural focus on money and tax because both affect every facet of life. Indeed, taxes can be optional if you are prepared to make certain individual life choices, such as buying your own island probably somewhere dangerous; it’s about how far you are both willing and able to go, quite literally. I expect when you hear what those choices can be you may not be so enthusiastic about no tax at all. Legally not paying any tax is the wrong choice for most of us because we enjoy the benefits of living in modern society with health care, defence, education and so on, not to mention the never ending politics. Nevertheless there can be compromises even with the more modern statutory UK residency rules, now set in law. Brexit is a new twist. I wonder if the current (at the time of editing) war in Eastern Europe will add some pragmatic perspective to this and its impacts.

I will surprise you to where you want to be while working out with you where that is, the results may pleasantly surprise us both. I will support your efforts – pushing (gently or not so gently), nudging, reminding and even doing some of the work.

I can be emailed at anthony at mellor dot co . Note the absence of dot uk. I have to write it like this to disable the “bots” .  Please include in your message the best ways to reach you.

Regards, page last edited 5 April 2022

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