Accounting Services

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I view a free initial consultation as a marketing and a learning opportunity. So let us both make the most of it. That said if all you want to talk about is price please move on. If on the other hand you are open to a reciprocal conversation about yourself and your business whether new or old and you are open sometimes to looking at things a bit differently then do get in touch. To be in business “on your own account”, you have to be good at everything, not just one thing.


My Services

  • Annual accounts and soon MTD accounts
  • Bookkeeping including MTD VAT – spreadsheet based no problem at all.
  • Tax returns for companies (CT600) and people (i.e. S.A.)

I offer a range of accounting services you would expect from a Chartered Accountant. Where I excel is in taking on the role of making your life a better one as defined by you.  I call it lifestyle accounting – so if you have a “lifestyle business” that’s already a good fit. Likewise if you want one of those then let us see.

Fixed Fees

My standard Accounting practice operates on a fixed fee basis for fixed work. I plan to be a profit centre for you, not a cost or necessary evil.


Last edited 5 April 2022