Overseas Trade

Businessman under stress (5)We advise clients how to assess the financial risk and profitability of an international project or sale. Our goal is that they understand international issues better and to help them. Selling goods or services abroad can be very profitable. There are also risks.

Trading overseas can be incredibly complex. Success requires one fully investigate how to go about it. Most problems can be managed easily and efficiently if one has a guide and follows the advice available.

Some new technologies give us better control over the process.  We have direct access to potential customers.  There are speedy communications with existing customers.  All this helps.   Best of all there is better advice and support for any new venture. There has probably never been a better time to expand internationally. We assume you will have plenty of questions. We know many of the questions that you should ask and some ideas as to where you can find answers.

To take advantage of the opportunities for trading globally call Anthony Mellor.   Having lived “overseas” for ten years, he can guide you through what can be a different, almost alien, process.  And you will need a guide or a lot of money and a lot of time.   You have to ask exactly the right question of exactly the right department and exactly the right person – and you will most likely have to do it in a language that is not English.  Answers you get on your own are not so much wrong as incomplete.  Overseas trade is not a DIY operation.