Tax Returns

Tax is a mystery to most people.  Management of tax, however, is one of the most important decisions that every individual or business needs to make. Yet you can ensure that no hassles are faced when you need to file your tax returns if you have a well-designed tax plan.  We provide business planning including government guided tax saving strategies that assist clients to mitigate tax costs based on personalised business planning. Our advice includes adherence to comprehensive plans. These policies help save money and ensure timely filing of tax returns to avoid any penalties in the future.

Tax Services

Anthony Mellor is a qualified member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). Our Tax Returns service has been designed to offer you maximum convenience and value for your money. We use the best possible professional systems. Professional Practice Systems ensure that nothing is overlooked by you or by us.  It is essential that any tax return filed is correct and complete.

Speed and Convenience

  • We do all business with you by phone, email, post, fax, SMS text and internet based services online.
  • We provide you with contact details for calls, faxes, emails, i.m. etc.
  • All of your tax information is processed quickly and is filed using our e-filing agency status.
  • We offer extended business hours so that you can deal with your tax return from home.
  • We answer the phone.


  • My fees are not time dependent but fixed. I have to reserve the right in case someone fails to tell me of extra time that proves necessary,
  • My prices are quoted before you commit.
  • We accept payment by electronic banking

We offer other tax and accountancy services directed at private individuals, such as our Lifestyle Accounting services. Also, if you wish, We can work alongside your other advisers and accept information from them, or provide second opinions. You decide what services you need.