About us

Industry Knowledge..

We know small business, and we serve its unique needs through our customised and valuable solutions. We have experience in multiple industries and have acquired a broad perspective on best-in-industry practices. We have therefore established ourselves as leaders in supplying our clients with the solutions they desire. Our client base includes contractors, freelancers and small companies predominately located in Europe. We handle limited companies, partnerships and sole traders. Our accountancy and advice services are tailored to suit the particular needs of individuals and organisations, whatever their field of activity.

Anthony Mellor, founder and principal of Mellor & Co., is a qualified member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (www.ICAEW.com). Tax information is filed using our e-filing tax agent status.

Offering Helpful Assistance

Early in the project process, we focus on fully understanding your strategic goals, operational challenges, and expected outcomes. This rigorous and thorough approach uncovers your requirements. Our method ensures that we know what you are trying to achieve before we develop a project plan. This client-centered approach satisfies short-term expectations and long-term goals and, in turn, results in a high level of satisfaction.

Keeping Up with Change

Mellor & Co. knows that business rarely stands still. Your industry and your company are no exceptions. Doesn’t it make sense that your needs would change too? You also need a proactive strategy to uncover and address changes before they affect your business. We provide it.

Staying Power

Mellor & Co. has sustained a stellar record of profitable revenue growth from the beginning. And we are dedicated to long-term partnerships with our clients and strategic partners.