About me

Industry Knowledge..

I know small business. I serve your needs through by my bespoke ways of doing things. I have experience in many businesses and have acquired a broad perspective on best and practical practices. I have therefore established myself as a thought leader by leading my clients to the ways of doing things that work for them while being well informed about strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the business. MY client base includes contractors, freelancers, small companies, sole traders and partnerships predominately located in the UK and previously Europe. My accountancy and advice services are tailored to suit the particular needs of individuals and less so organisations, but I can support individuals, teams or departments in an enterprise, whatever their field of activity by skills can provide a different view of things.

I, Anthony Mellor, am the founder and principal of Mellor & Co. I am a qualified member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (www.ICAEW.com). I have all the usual agent credentials.

Offering Helpful Assistance

From the “get go” in the “getting to know you” process I focus on understanding your goals, operational challenges, and desired outcomes. My inquisitive and broad approach lays bare your business soul. My method ensures that I know what you are trying to achieve before we (you and me) develop some plans. My client-centred approach satisfies short-term expectations (usually compliance related) and long-term goals (all the non compliance stuff) and, in turn, results in a high level of satisfaction, not to mention pleasant surprise for us both.

Keeping Up with Change

We all know a good business rarely stands still. Your industry and your business are no exception. It makes sense that your business’ needs change too, develop needs you never imagined, especially in the fast changng world of tech we now see.  We all need a proactive strategy to uncover and address changes before they affect our business. For example “ransomeware” exactly what defences have you in place? In my view for the small business there is no better defence than off line copies; far more easily said than done. Likewise immutable storage (google it).

Staying Power

I have been in business for 46+ years first as a trainee, then a staff accountant for a global practice, an insolvency team operator, then as a commission paid salesman (of accounting systems of course), a finance director and then my own business (this one) since 1989 i.e. 33 years. These are the ones I remember. I am seen as “a bit different” and I use this to be a catalyst of change for the better. Change may mean adding what is missing as opposed to altering what is already there (and works just fine as it is).